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Importance of oil filter – Having a poor oil filter in your vehicle shortens the life span of engine. Though it is a small part of your engine but it protects from premature wearing. Tiny contaminants like dirt and grit can cause dripping of engine parts while running causing erosion of engine metal and hence loss. Thus oil filters impact your vehicle engine performance. We at EVO Filters use media for oil filter of high grade material to ensure clean oil.


Product Range

Customer Reference Segment Customer Reference Part No. Vehicle/Model Engine Name Product Type
BAJAJ AUTO LTD. 2W DD121181 BIKES 100CC TO 135 CC Aftermarket
Yamaha 2W 21C-E3440-00 (YAMAHA Crux/Alba/Gladiator/FG16/Fazor/Enticer   Aftermarket
Yamaha 2W 38B-E3440-00 R15   Aftermarket
TVS 2W N2080860 TVS Star/Wego/Jive TVS Star/Wego/Jive Aftermarket
TVS 2W M1080540 TVSApache. TVSApache. Aftermarket
TVS 3W G4080260 TVS King TVS King Aftermarket
TVS 2W M1080540 TVSApache. TVSApache. Aftermarket
TVS 2W M1080560 TVSApache. TVSApache. Aftermarket
Piaggio Vehicles 2W 82635R 100% Export (LIBERTY/VESPA) 125/150CC PETROL Aftermarket
Piaggio Vehicles 3W 882461 APE TRUCK PLUS 1000 CC DIESEL Aftermarket
Royal Enfield 2W 500613/A Royal Enfield Models Royal Enfield Models Aftermarket
Suzuki Motorcycle 2W 16510-33G00-001(O.E) suzuki 125cc Aftermarket
MARUTI CAR 16510M68K00 YG4   Aftermarket
MARUTI CAR 16510M71F10 Old Zen YG8 Aftermarket
MARUTI CAR 16510M73080 YJ9 G13 Aftermarket
MARUTI CAR 16510M82703 YM1 F10D Aftermarket
MARUTI CAR 15110M71F10 zen 900cc Aftermarket
TATA CAR 5.70518E+11 NANO 600 CC Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 73300483     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 73300047     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 73300484     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 82823319     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 82824884     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 98432642     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 82824439     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 4795601     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 82826014     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 87391715     Aftermarket
CNH Tractor 73300048     Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 1361168     Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 93112482     Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 1361168     Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 93112482     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10174110     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10016780     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10222790     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10026160     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10017600     Aftermarket
Escorts Tractor D10222800     Aftermarket
Mahindra Tractor 006017310B1   255, 265, 575, 475 DI Aftermarket
Mahindra Tractor 2031600000   Arjun tractor Aftermarket
Punjab Tractors Tractor     All models Aftermarket
Tafe Tractor     TAFE/ MF ( S-4) Aftermarket
Sonalika Tractor 10004836AB11187     Aftermarket
Force Motors Tractor     Balwan /Tata Sumo Aftermarket
Ford Tractor D10074210-9   3000, 3600,3620 Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 1361168   All models Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 2665705   Single cylinder engine Aftermarket
HMT Tractor       Aftermarket
NEW HOLLAND Tractor 73300483   6500 and TD SERIES Aftermarket
ESCORTS Tractor D10025970-A   ESCORTS Aftermarket
Johndeere Tractor RE45864     Aftermarket
Swaraj Mazda By pass filter Tractor       Aftermarket
Mahindra Tractor 007202702CI HYD O M&M Arjun latest model Aftermarket
Mahindra Tractor 000051215D01 HYD O 585 DI Aftermarket
PTL Tractor 780948B HYD O for swaraj 724, 735 Aftermarket
FORD Tractor D10020160 HYD O 3000, 3600 ,3620 Aftermarket
EICHER Tractor   HYD O   Aftermarket
Eicher Tractor 301364 HYD O   Aftermarket
TATA UV 2.54718E+11 SUMO/SAFARI 4DL/2.2 LTR Aftermarket
FORCE UV B008031840325 TRUMP 40 TD-600,TD2000 Aftermarket
GREAVES C IND 600-066-47 TATA Automotive APP. G 600 CNG Aftermarket
Mahindra LTV 0303BAU00110N Maximo 2Cly - Twin Aftermarket